Gourmet Mushrooms from Colorado

Colorado Specialty Mushrooms

Colorado Specialty Mushrooms

Robin and Isabella

“At Colorado Specialty Mushrooms, we believe that supporting local, sustainable business, while simultaneously cutting back on the carbon footprint for artisanal, nutrient-packed food, shouldn’t be out of reach for any person.”

It is simple – We are here for you. Proud to Serve Colorado
Colorado Specialty Mushrooms

About Us

Colorado Specialty Mushrooms is a family-owned fungi farm that prides itself on a wide variety of diverse, top-quality mushrooms. Our story began in 2014 when we, a mother-daughter duo, decided to transition into a whole food plant-based lifestyle. With little to no healthy meat substitutes on the market, we turned to mushrooms but were disappointed by the variety, quality, and vigor. For this reason, we began to research new and contemporary approaches to solve the current food problems and found our saving grace with FarmBox Foods.

With the advanced strategy of producing high quantities of healthy and fresh foods, the obstacle of good quality food, in addition to food shortages in urban areas, was solved. Now, any restaurant or home, near or far, can have the choice of eating healthy by choosing mushrooms for food or medicine.

Our vision is a future where customers have access to these flavor-packed superfoods, distributed locally without relying on centralized food systems. To attain this, our specialty mushrooms are grown, harvested, and processed using the highest hygienic conditions without the use of chemicals. All of our mushrooms are cultivated inside a state of the art mushroom farm. Each farm is a way of protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable business. We accomplish this by merging agriculture and technology to produce the most superior quality mushrooms available to the Colorado market.

Thanks to the support of our initial clients, our products are available at local supermarkets and restaurants. This summer we will begin selling at local Farmers Markets.

Our Mushrooms

Buy our mushrooms from our online store (pick up only), or visit our stand in the summer at the local Farmers Market.

Black Oyster Mushroom Colorado

Black Oyster

Black Oyster Mushroom Colorado

Blue Oyster

Chestnut Mushroom Colorado


King Trumpet Mushroom Colorado

King Trumpet

Lions Mane Mushroom Colorado

Lion's Mane

Pink Oyster Mushroom Colorado

Pink Oyster

Shiitake Mushroom Colorado


Snow Oyster Mushroom Colorado

Snow Oyster

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We would love to hear from you! Feel free to stop by, give us a call, or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.

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